Chen Ming


I'm Chen Ming,

A designer exploring the world with curiosity and humility.

My motto:’Striving for breadth and greatness, delving into the refined and subtle until the end:In my past studies of architecture and product design,I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty in life, uncover novel design concepts,and recognize my own value through hands-on modeling and crafting mechanical structures.


QuickAI: A Personal Assistant

QuickAI is an app that provides timely reminders and enhances overall efficiency. Through voice interaction, it empowers users to easily assign tasks.

Frontend   UI/UX Design  

Smart Traffic Simulation Platform

A comprehensive application platform that utilizes advanced technologies such as Digital Twins, Big Data, Large Models, and Artificial Intelligence to optimize and improve the efficiency and safety of transportation systems.

UI Design    Data Visualization    Special Effects

Geo-disaster Warning System 

A system designed for preventing people in mountainous area from geological disaster.

UI/UX Design    Product Design  Data Analysis

Desire Babel Tower in Venice  

Facing global warming and rising sea levels, Venice risks submersion. Inspired by its traditional architecture, we propose the Venice Tower, built using a stacking method. This structure, akin to the Tower of Babel, symbolizes salvation and prompts human reflection.

Architecture    Concept Design


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